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62d28e2c8ad856617c1a23b3 Portulaca (Any Colour) in 8 Inch Pot //d2pyicwmjx3wii.cloudfront.net/s/6176774ef575bbd2b3331c8a/62d28e2d8ad856617c1a2469/webp/pdn46.jpg Portulaca (Any Colour) in 8 Inch Pot PDN0046
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Portulaca (Any Colour) in 8 Inch Pot

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Portulaca (Any Colour) in 8 Inch Pot

User reviews


3 Reviews

Plant was delivered quickly. It was healthy but then it started drying. After placing it in bright light it is growing new leaves so I'm hopeful
Dec 2, 2022 6:14:35 AM
Hello, received 10 nos. of fresh plants today along with 5 clay pots & 1 plastic pot. Thx a ton
Oct 14, 2022 6:17:30 AM
I love the plans .. great condition ans size .. it just that when we buy any plant. We should have an option to consilt someone how to take care of it .. or thr should bw something u should share on email .. regarding how to every single plan i ordered ... how much water.. sunlight .. etc.
Sep 1, 2022 6:03:11 AM