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Jade in 4 Inch Nursery Bag

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Jade in 4 Inch Nursery Bag


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Jade in 4 Inch Nursery Bag

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4 Reviews

Seeing review I ordered but I am unhappy with my purchase.They just delivered 3 small cut twigs of jade roughly potted not even rooted properly so came out while carrying from door to inside.Thus I could have done on my own by cutting twigs from my neighborhood.So what is point ordering from a brand.Now waiting for a proper response and return.
Sep 1, 2022 4:45:47 PM
liked them :)
Aug 25, 2022 1:00:59 PM
Plants are very good
Jul 5, 2022 9:37:47 PM
Super Happy , all plant s are good
May 13, 2022 11:24:52 PM