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Urvann Cashback Program

At Urvann, as soon as you buy any products from us, we give you green loyalty points , or the Urvann cashback, in your Urvann wallet that you can use to pay in your next purchase. :)

The amount of cashback depends on the amount spent on the store. 

If your order value is above INR 1000, you get flat 15% cashback

If your order value is between INR 500 - INR 1000, you get flat 5% cashback

If your order value is below INR 500, you get flat 1% cashback

For example, if you spend INR 2000 on our store, you will get a cashback of INR 300, that you can use on your next purchase. :)  

The order value is calculated after any disounts, store credits or loyalty points used in the order. :)

So hurry up, use your cashback to buy free plants from India's largest online plants store- www.urvann.com :)