Urvann is your one-stop online nursery for plants, planters, gardening accessories, and tools. Order fresh plants and get free home delivery on the next day!

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Urvann is your one-stop online nursery for plants, planters, gardening accessories, and tools. Order fresh plants and get free home delivery on the next day!

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Best Selling Plants

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Buy Money Plant Green in 4 Inch Nursery Pot Online |
₹119 ₹349
5 Reviews
Buy Button Rose Pink in 5 Inch Nursery Bag Online |
₹119 ₹319
4 Reviews
Buy Areca Palm (~ 1.5 Ft) In 6 Inch Nursery Bag Online |
₹179 ₹479
4 Reviews
Buy Peace Lily in 4 Inch Plastic Pot Online |
₹179 ₹389
24 Reviews

New on Urvann

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Buy Jade Plant in 4 Inch Nursery Bag Online |
₹29 ₹89
8 Reviews
Buy Shyama Tulsi in 5 Inch Nursery Pot Online |
₹59 ₹159
4 Reviews
Buy Oxycardium Green in 5 Inch Nursery Pot Online |
₹79 ₹149
4 Reviews
Buy Marigold (Any Colour) in 3 Inch Nursery Bag Online |
₹59 ₹159
3 Reviews

Plants under 99

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Buy Jade in 4 Inch Nursery Bag Online |
₹59 ₹219
226 Reviews
Buy Money Plant Green in 4 Inch Plastic Pot Online |
₹99 ₹379
165 Reviews
Buy Chrysanthemum (any colour) in 4 Inch Plastic Pot Online |
₹99 ₹180
185 Reviews
Syngonium Small Leaf in 4 Inch Nursery Pot
₹99 ₹369
181 Reviews

Home Decor Plants

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Buy Curry Patta in 6 Inch Classy Red Plastic Pot Online |
₹69 ₹259
7 Reviews
Buy Lucky Jade in 4 Inch Buddha Ceramic Planter Online |
22 Reviews
Buy Alternanthera Red in 6 Inch Classy White Plastic Pot Online |
₹69 ₹209
1 Review
Buy Syngonium Black in 6  Inch Classy White Ceramic Pot Online |
₹219 ₹499
5 Reviews


Five stars to your service ?????Thank you so much ...just received my order ..i must say that I am surprisingly happy with the delivery of really healthy plants in good condition and that too very quickly, urvann is definitely going to be my choice in my future and going to recommend it to everyone. Thank you again .
Sanjay Gandotra
I have Received Twelve plants just now and thank you for the same. The plants appears to be really good and I appreciate the quality of plants supplied by you. There were some initial apprehensions due to communication Gap but now I am fully satisfied. I shall place order on Urvann repeatedly as and when I need plants and also as long as such standards of Product and logistics are maintained. Thanks a lot once again for prompt service.
Sangeeta Sharma
I have been searching for online nursery since there is always time crunch. Other nurseries are expensive and I didn't get the desired plants. Urvann has exceeded the expectations. Received healthy and beautiful plants. My dream of owning a terrace garden is going to be completed. I am going to be a regular customer. Keep up the good work. Go Green

Welcome to India’s Online Plants Nursery to adding Beauty to Your Garden

Urvann is a one-stop online plants store presenting the freshest and finest plants for your house, providing next day delivery at your doorstep. Shower the solitude, purity, and love on your house with our exceptional range of indoor plants, air purifying plants, ceramic planters, terracotta pots, bonsai plants, cactus plants, low maintenance plants, vegetable plants, and Good luck plants.

Plants add extra beauty to every household by purifying the air, providing fresh oxygen, and adding a natural touch. By filling your home with our quality range of plants, you can improve your indoor air quality, boost your mood, and create a more inviting space.

Urvann is the best online garden store in India and its motto is to create a plant heaven and help people be the healthiest, most creative and productive version of themselves. Breathe in the fresh air and live life with peace of mind with the presence of our quality and fresh plants at your home.

Extremely beautiful, easy-to-care, and affordable plants at your doorstep.

Plants that bloom every season and fit perfectly into your house decor.

Visit our online store to check out live plants online!

Plants are essential for us. From tiny succulents to big trees, they protect and provide us with oxygen-rich air, food, shelter, medicine and so much more.

At Urvann, the online nursery for plants, we are committed to making your homes come alive with nature. With a passion for all things green and blooming, we maintain a promise to quality.

Discover the Best Nursery Online for Plants Shopping

We all want fresh and healthy plants around us to make our surroundings beautiful and the air more pure. At Urvann, the online gardening store of India, our plants are not just products but an extension of our vision of making homes green.

Explore the Best Quality Plants at Our Online Plant Nursery India

At Urvann, the online plant store, choose from a diverse range of indoor plants, outdoor plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, home decor plants, pet-friendly plants, and a lot more. Our online nursery delivers healthy and fresh plants right to your doorstep.

If you are thinking of plants, think Urvann

Enhance Your Space with our Online Gardening Store India

Plants beautify our spaces by adding aesthetic value to them.

Place your plants in ceramic pots or clay planters and see the charm of your space increase manifold. Urvann, the online plant nursery of India has a vast collection of planters, in many different styles, from chic, modern decorative planters to those having a rustic charm of their own.

Benefits of Online Nursery Plant Shopping

Shopping for plants from an online nursery, Urvann has a myriad of benefits.

  • It saves time and effort
  • More variety available online
  • Plant descriptions and care guides are available
  • Free next-day delivery
  • Fresh and healthy plants
  • Customer support
  • Know All About Our Online Plants Store

    Urvann is the most trusted online plant nursery with an extensive collection of plant varieties. The platform guarantees free next-day delivery of fresh and healthy plants with eco-friendly packaging. The price range is budget-friendly and the online nursery also runs many offers from time to time, such as the plants under 99 scheme for newbie gardeners.

    Urvann, is your one-stop destination for all planting needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What varieties of plants does Urvann provide?

    Urvann provides many plant varieties such as indoor plants,flowering plants, outdoor plants, foliage plants, succulents, decor plants, climbers and creepers and many more.

    What if my plant arrives damaged?

    Urvann has a return policy for damaged plants. Read more about it here,

    Is Urvann giving free plants?

    Urvann provides loyalty points for every purchase made. These can later be redeemed and used to buy free plants.

    Can I track my plant order?

    Yes, you can track your order from the below-given link,

    Does Urvann offer wholesale or bulk ordering options?

    Yes, Urvann offers wholesale and bulk ordering options both.

    Does Urvann have a return policy?

    Yes, Urvann has a return policy if you receive damaged plants. Read more about the return policy here,

    How can I choose the right plants for my garden?

    If you are a newbie gardener, you can start with low-maintenance plants such as Syngonium plant, Jade plant, Snake plant, etc.

    Are the prices on Urvann competitive?

    Yes, Urvann offers the most budget-friendly, fresh, and healthy plants.

    Is it safe to purchase online nursery plants?

    Yes, it is more convenient to purchase plants from urvann as it saves time, effort and there is guarantee for best quality.

    Urvann Academy