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Top 4 Low-Maintenance Houseplants to Grow in India

Imagine you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath, and feel freshness surging within you. You open your eyes and see your houseplants nodding their heads in the breeze, all leafy and green, and transforming the vibe of your home into joy and delight.

Having your own little indoor garden is like residing with a piece of nature in the concrete jungles that we live in today. The best part about having a garden indoors is the low-maintenance plants.

Houseplants have their own aesthetic vibe and are like living decor pieces, or you can say your own green gang. Houseplants have numerous benefits too. Many of us do not consider the fact that sometimes the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside. This fact has a simple explanation. Since we spend most of our time indoors the air indoors turns more toxic. It is here where low- maintenance houseplants come in to save the day. There are many varieties to choose from, whether you want to have a selection of chubby succulents or big-leaf varieties such as the Monstera Deliciosa or the Fiddle-leaf Fig.

Let us tell you about some of the most common and popular low- maintenance houseplants.

Low Maintenance Houseplants For Indian Homes

Indoor plants bring a dash of positivity and happiness and just as easily can put a smile on anybody’s face.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is a hardy and versatile succulent plant native to West Africa. Its distinct upright green leaves grow in a rosette pattern. This is an easy-maintenance indoor plant and it is renowned for its air-purifying qualities. It absorbs the harmful toxins hanging in the air and releases oxygen-rich air.

The best part about this plant is that it is able to tolerate all light conditions, but thrives in diffused-light conditions. The snake plant is also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, because of the shape of its leaves which are shaped like a tongue. The snake plant is a forgiving plant and has a unique decorative appearance and is mostly used in workspaces as well.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant is a notable plant of Eastern African origin. It has glossy, deep green leaves, growing upright. It is a very popular low-maintenance house plant and easily thrives on its own. The ZZ plant will look beautiful in any indoor environment and add an element of focus to your space with its beautifully arranged pattern of leaves. The plant is very popular because of its ability to tolerate low-light conditions and even drought-like conditions. It must be noted that the ZZ plant can also be kept as a low- maintenance outdoor plant. The plant has air-purifying qualities and is very resilient. Even in interior landscaping, the ZZ is a popular choice.


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If you wish to have a low- maintenance flowering plant in your garden, then the Peace- Lily is perfect for you. It is a stunning plant to have in your indoor spaces and can be placed on your work desks too. The plant is able to survive well in low-light conditions as well and if they receive diffused light, it thrives wonderfully. The Peace- Lily plant produces white flowers that emerge from the center of its leaf bucket and instantly catch the eye of anyone entering your space. The only thing to be remembered about this plant is that it needs moist and well-draining soil. To top it all, the plant is an excellent air purifier too!

Areca Palm

The Areca Palm is often called the ‘Butterfly Palm’, because of the shape of its leaves. It is one of the best home plants in India. The plant originally hails from Madagascar, and does well in all spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. The plant is also popularly used in landscaping, for its feather-like leaves falling in a pattern away from the stem. The most important part to note here is that the Areca Palm is one of the best plants that you can keep indoors to purify the air inside your home. It removes toxic chemical compounds, such as formaldehyde, hanging in the air, and releases a large amount of oxygen-rich air. The plant flourishes in a shaded area, receiving indirect light and well-draining soil. It is aesthetically pleasing too.

Benefits Of Houseplants And How To Choose Them?

Houseplants offer a myriad of benefits and can be your perfect green companions that not only keep you healthy but look extremely pleasing too. The plants absorb harmful compounds and make the air cleaner to breathe while giving out oxygen-rich air.

Many houseplants also regulate humidity levels and dust levels, which also promotes healthier living. Add to that, the joy of simply seeing our houseplants can boost our productivity and reduce mental stress. It has been proven by many studies that nature calms you and connects you to your innermost self.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do these plants require special soil?

Houseplants require well-draining soil that does not stay around the roots for a long time. If it does, it has the potential to cause root rot in the plant.

Q. How do I propagate low-maintenance houseplants?

Many houseplants such as the Snake plant can be propagated from tip cutting.

Q. How often do I need to fertilize low-maintenance houseplants?

You can add vermicompost to your houseplants once every two months.

Q. Which low-maintenance houseplants are suitable for Indian homes?

All the above-mentioned houseplants are suitable for Indian homes.

Q. Where can I buy low-maintenance houseplants in India?

Visit Urvann, for the most extensive collection of houseplants online. The platform also guarantees free next-day delivery to your doorstep.

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