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The Green Goddess: Celebrating Durga Puja with Plants

  • By Urvann
  • •  Oct 17, 2023

Durga Pujo, the grand festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervour in West Bengal, India, and in other parts of the country too. The festival holds a special place in the hearts of millions and is a time when the streets of the country, particularly Kolkata come alive with dazzling lights, artistic pandals, and an overall air of celebration. In this blog, we will explore the significant role that plants play in Durga Pujo and how they enhance the devotional vibes of this festival even more. 

Green Pandals and Eco-Friendly Decor

In recent years, many people have started opting for ‘green’ pandals keeping in mind the importance of maintaining a balance with nature and celebrating it too. The pandals are adorned with sustainable and biodegradable materials, including leaves, bamboo, and other plant-sourced elements. These green pandals serve as a reminder of harmony between nature and humans and emphasize the importance of sustainable living. The sight of the green pandals fills one’s heart with devotion and soaks one in the spirit of spirituality. 

Banana Leaves and Rituals

Banana leaves play an important role in many rituals during the festival of Durga Pujo. They are used to perform Aarti, offering fruits and sweets to the Goddess. The use of Banana leaves shows the importance of plants in our lives, as they are considered sacred. Moreover, using the leaves of the Banana plant promotes eco-friendliness and a sustainable lifestyle. 

Dhuno: The Sacred Smoke

Another important part of the Durga Pujo is the ‘Dhuno’, or sacred smoke, which is traditionally prepared using various aromatic and herbal plants. The Dhuno is an important element of the rituals and it is believed that it purifies the surroundings, wards off evil and creates a serene environment during the festivities. The use of aromatic plants adds a unique olfactory dimension to the celebration, enhancing the overall experience.

Kumkum and Turmeric: Nature's Colors

The application of kumkum (vermillion) and turmeric during Durga Pujo rituals is symbolic of purity and protection. These natural substances, derived from plants, are not only aesthetically significant but also emphasize the use of natural materials in religious practices. It serves as a reminder of the profound connection between human life and the plant kingdom.

Offerings and Prasad

During Durga Pujo, people offer various plant-based foods and sweets as Prasad to the goddess. This includes coconuts, fruits, sweets made from jaggery and rice flour among other natural ingredients. 

Green Awareness and Education

Durga Pujo is also a time when the whole community comes together to celebrate the unification with the divine, being immersed in devotional energy and celebrating and learning to be more aware towards our environment. 


In the midst of all the glamour and grandeur of Durga Pujo, it's crucial to recognize the role that plants play in making this festival truly remarkable. From the eco-friendly pandals to the sacred use of banana leaves, dhuno, and natural colours, these plant-based elements add depth and meaning to the celebration. They also serve as a reminder of the symbiotic relationship between humanity and the environment. As we celebrate the triumph of good over evil with Goddess Durga, let us also remember the significance of nurturing and protecting the natural world that sustains us. In doing so, we can ensure that the spirit of Durga Pujo continues to shine for generations to come.

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