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Monsoon Plants, Fruits and Vegetables to Grow in india

Monsoon gardening is pure joy. As the drops of rain fall from the sky, Mother Earth seems to come alive with greenery. The arid soil transforms into a fertile canvas ready to sprout up green little beings.

The Monsoon season in India brings out the most beautiful aspects of nature. Wherever you look, you can see lush green trees swaying in the breeze, flowers blooming up everywhere, the whole canvas looking like a painting. The fresh fragrances of monsoon plants, fruits plants, and vegetables plants have a soothing effect on our minds and bodies.


What to Plant This Season?

The refreshing rains of the monsoon season bring with them, a new hope. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, we are looking forward to sowing new seeds and watching the fruits of our labor grow up to be big, healthy plants. Here, we will tell you the best monsoon plants, fruits, and vegetables to sow in this season, so you can also get a harvest of your own in just a few months.


Best Vegetables Seeds To Grow In Monsoons

Has the monsoon season started and you’re still wondering which vegetable seeds to sow this season? Well! Worry not, we are here with the Monsoon vegetables list for you to start planting. Read on!


23 Vegetables to Plant in the Rainy Season in India

One of the main ingredients of any Indian kitchen, tomatoes are widely used in almost all recipes. Their tangy flavor gives any dish a delightful flavor. Tomatoes are fairly easy to grow during the rainy season. Even beginner gardeners can grow the juiciest tomatoes for their favorite dishes. The ideal time to grow tomato vegetable seeds in India is from June to August as the monsoon season is at its peak at that time and humidity levels are high. Tomatoes love the sun and need at least 5-6 hours of sunlight daily, and well-draining organic potting soil mixes.


Growing cucumber is a great way to understand gardening, because it is widely used in salads and juices, and is familiar to all. It does not take up a lot of space and this climbing vegetable plant will also enhance the aesthetic vibe of your kitchen garden. Cucumbers should be a must on your monsoon vegetables list. A few things to remember about this versatile vegetable plant are that it needs plenty of sunlight and moist and well-draining soil.



Gourds are the favorites of the season. This is one plant that must be on your monsoon vegetables list. Gourds come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes. Plus, they are very easy to grow and do not need much attention. Just pick the variety you would like to grow and which is also suited to your region’s climatic conditions. Sow the seeds 1-2 inches deep in groups of 3-4. It would be beneficial to give them support or trellis for better growth.


Best Fruit Seeds To Grow In Monsoons

August is the perfect season to grow fruits in India. The monsoon is at its peak and the conditions are just right for you to sow rainy season fruits.


Pears are the most friendly rainy season fruits to grow in India. It is juicy and has a sweet and tarty flavor that sits well on your taste buds. The fruit is packed with nutrients too and is a health supplement for heart health and weight loss. If you are wondering about the best monsoon plants, fruits, and vegetables, then this must be on your list. The plant thrives in well-draining organically rich soil.


Bananas are a tropical fruit available in the rainy season. They are a rich source of potassium and prove to be a delicious stomach filler. Eat a banana and you will instantly feel satiated for at least 3-4 hours. The Banana plant thrives in rich, well-draining fertile soils. Since it is a fruit-bearing plant it beads a lot of nitrogen and potassium.


Litchis are the queens of the monsoon season of fruits in India. They are generally available from May to June, but in some parts of the country, the harvesting is done till the month of July. The fruit is a power punch filled with immunity and essential nutrients for weight loss. The fruit plants require moist, well-draining soil and acidic soil pH, which can be achieved by using cow-dung manure.


Best Plants To Grow In Monsoons

The monsoon season brings with it abundant greenery and breathes new life into the surroundings. Plants start to thrive and look their best. Let us tell you about the 3 of the monsoon plants that will fill your home garden with blooms and greenery.


The flowering plant is native to India and comes in white, yellow, and pink colors and displays a spiral arrangement of petals. The plant loves direct, bright sunlight and well-draining phosphorus-rich soil.


Monsoons and rain lilies go hand in hand. One moment you are only able to see the buds of the flowers and the next morning you wake up, only to discover a bed full of delicate rain lilies gracing your outdoor or balcony garden. These flowers only appear during the monsoon season and are dormant for the rest of the year, hence their name, ‘Rain Lily’. This flowering plant is a must-have in your garden during the rainy season.


Hibiscus is the crowned jewel in any garden. It comes in an array of colors and adds a pop of glamour to any space that it is planted in. The Plant loves bright sunlight and is a perennial flowering plant.

So here it is, our current season favorites! Monsson gardening is the best as it provides ample rainfall for the irrigation of vegetable plants or fruit plants. For flowering plants or outdoor plants, the increase in humidity levels acts like a boon to increase flowering. The plants are not under the stress of heat and everything is just ideal to foster new growth of monsoon plants, fruits, and vegetables.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to plant in the rainy season?

You can sow plant seeds, fruit seeds, or just a pretty flowering plant in the rainy season, as the conditions are ideal for all plants to thrive.

Q. Which crop is grown in the rainy season?

Kharif crops are grown in the rainy season, such as rice, maize sugarcane etc.

Q. Can I grow vegetables indoors?

Vegetable plants need lots of sunlight and must be grown outdoors for healthy growth.

Q. How can I protect my monsoon fruits?

The monsoon season also brings with it, diseases and bugs on the plants. Make sure you keep spraying the plant with neem oil spray and checking for pest attacks.

Q. Are there any monsoon plants that naturally repel pests?

Any plant with a strong fragrance has a tendency to repel pests.

Q. Can I use mulch in my monsoon garden?

Mulch is typically used to keep the soil moist. Since it is the monsoon, mulching may not be required during this season.

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