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How to care for new plants you order from Urvann

  • By Urvann

One very important thing to remember when we get new plants home from Urvann is that the plant has moved to a completely new home- hence it is very important to take care of the plant well and not put it into shock by repotting it or feeding it fertilzers. We have to let the plant adjust to our home, before repotting or fertilization.

Things you should do immediately

  • Water the plants well till water starts coming out from bottom of the pot or the bag they have come in;
  • Keep the plants in semi - shade area. This true for outdoor or indoor or flowering plants.
  • If it is a flowering plant, it is recommended to cut all its flowers, as we want the plant to use its energy in adjusting to new area than in flowering. This is especially true for delicate plants like seasonal flowers.

Things you should not worry about

  • If all the leaves of the plant are drooping - this happens due to transit shock and happens even when plants have been in transit for an hour.

Care of plants

  • Keep the plants in semi - shade for 2-3 days .
  • Water the plants whenever soil feel dries. Since plants are in semi-shade, they will consume lesser water, so be sure to not overwater them.
  • After 2-3 days, when you feel the plant has adjusted to the new home, it is time to start moving it gradually to sunlight or to the area where you want to keep it.

Some frequently asked questions

  • Should I add fertilizers to the plant?
    • You can add fertilizers at least after a week. If repotting, you can add it to your soil mix

  • My plant completely dried up after I repotted it
    • This happens due to shock that plants get from repotting. See this video for more details

  • It has been a week, my plant is not growing
    • Plants are natural products. They grow at their own pace, just like babies. The best thing with plants is to be patient with them :)

  • There is one black spot on a leaf . What should I do?
    • Please check if other leaves have this issue too. If most leaves have this issue, report this matter to customersupport@urvann.com .  
      • Plants are natural products and will never be perfect. If it is present in 1 to 2 leaves There is nothing to be worried about this. If it is troubling you, you can cut the leaf. 

  • One of the leaves on my plant looks dried
    • The law of nature tells that as new leaves come on plants, the older ones try to dry out. 

  • The flower on my plant looks dried 
    • Flowers tend to dry during transit. Also flowers typically have a short life (~1 day). Just prune the flower and your plant should be fine

If you are looking for plant care guidance, join our FB community here. Experts from across the world will answer all your plant care questions :)

If you want to reach out to us, drop an email on customersupport@urvann.com :)


Received as assured by Urvann, within a day. Now need to wait for a while

By: M Chakraborty
Dec 09, 2022   Reply

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Two plants i purchased delivered today, service is good, and the cost is also low

By: Sourabh Choudhury
Dec 06, 2022   Reply

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I have order many plants.. Nice plants more than my expectation.... Delivery on time also..

By: Priti Shandilya
Dec 04, 2022   Reply

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Lovely Plants received

By: Reena Gupta
Nov 19, 2022   Reply

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Hi, I have ordered aloe vera plant. Is it edible??

By: Shubham
Nov 12, 2022   Reply

Replies :
Hello! Please note that aloe vera plant is not edible, but the gel in its leaves is edible :) Urvann - November 17, 2022, 9:07:35 AM

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I had ordered a regular green chilly plant but have received a round green chilli plant. Is it ornamental or edible? How to take care of them? How to take care of white and blavk chillies too. Please help. Thanks

By: Jaya
Nov 12, 2022   Reply

Replies :
Hello! Like most vegetable plants, chilly plants should be kept in full sun and watered regularly. Please share a picture of the plant you have received on customersupport@urvann.com for us to check if its edible or ornamental :) Urvann - November 17, 2022, 9:14:15 AM

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