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Best Ways To Take Care Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant

                                           (Lucky Bamboo - 3 Layer via Urvann)

Lucky Bamboo is a beautiful, popular, and easy-to-care-for indoor plant that thrives in water, and is recommended for beginners. This plant, according to Feng Shui principles, attracts a lot of positive energy. It is thought that putting a Lucky Bamboo indoor plant in your home or office can bring you good luck, prosperity, and happiness. Taking care of the lucky Bamboo is, in fact, a calming hobby that effectively relieves tension. The Lucky Bamboo grows with a little love and care and is said to bring its owner a lot of luck.

To ensure that your plant grows nicely, is healthy, and lasts longer, we are answering key questions related to lucky bamboo below :


(Lucky Bamboo - 3 Layer via Urvann)

How frequently should we water the Lucky Bamboo

For the Lucky Bamboo plant, it is recommended that you use filtered, rainwater, or bottled water that does not include chemicals like chlorine or fluoride. To keep the plant healthy, change the water in the bowl every two days. Place some pebbles around the roots to ensure that they are well-watered and have ample support.

What is the ideal soil mix for Lucky Bamboo?

Lucky Bamboo Plants can be grown in both water and soil. If your plant is in soil, you should use a well-draining soil mix. You can use the ready to use potting mixes or create your own using- sand, cocopeat, vermicompost in equal quantity.

Always keep the soil should slightly damp. Test it with your finger; if it’s not damp, add a little bit more water.

SUNLIGHT-In bright but indirect sunshine, the lucky bamboo thrives. Over exposure to the sun, on the other hand, can cause a lot of problems for the plant. In addition to natural light, the lucky bamboo thrives in artificial light. It's important to continuously rotate the plant so that all sides get the same amount of light. If the lucky bamboo's leaves are turning a light green hue, it's likely that the plant isn't getting enough light. To encourage healthy growth, it's critical to remove any yellow or dead leaves.


(Lucky Bamboo -  via Urvann)

You can propagate lucky bamboo at any time using cuttings to create new plants for yourself or to give to someone as an auspicious gift. But the rooting won't be shaped like the kind of plant you'd purchase.

    1. Use a sterile, sharp cutting shear to take a stem cutting off the main stalk that has at least one leaf joint and trim the leaves to expose the growth nodes.
    2. Put the bare cutting into a container filled with enough distilled water to completely cover the bottom of the cutting.
    3. Keep the water clean and fresh as you watch for the development of red roots. Roots should appear in around 30 days.
    4. When the roots emerge, put the stalk in a decorative vase with water and pebbles or a pot with soil.



My Lucky bamboo leaves are turning yellow, brown or droopy:  Sometimes yellow leaves will appear, because of reasons like over-fertilization, over-watering or less sunlight.If caught early and you notice just a small amount of yellow, change the water (distilled water) and move to a brighter spot. Also, stay away from fertilizing it for a while as well.

My Lucky bamboo’s roots have root rot? : You will need to cut off the healthy tops and regrow them. Whenever you are cutting, be sure to cut off an inch above one of the nodes, which are the raised ridges that grow around the stalk.

Lucky bamboo is an excellent indoor plant because of its intricate stalks and high resiliency. A Lucky bamboo plant is a realistic option for gardeners of all levels, whether you're a newbie green thumb or an expert gardener trying to liven up your interior gardening. And that's basically the gist of it. Now, you’re all geared to taking care of your lucky bamboo so that it brings you all the luck and prosperity. 

If you have any questions on caring for a lucky bamboo, tell us in comments below 😊

PS : Did we miss giving you this cool fact about a lucky bamboo?

A lucky bamboo is actually not bamboo- but a variety of dracaena. It is called a bamboo, because it resembles bamboo! 😊

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