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5 Welcoming Plants to Place at Your Front Door

  • By Urvann
  • •  May 01, 2024

Plants add visual appeal to spaces and have actual benefits. These can range from medicinal properties to air purification to bringing prosperity and vitality into homes.

A house with plants is more beautiful. Having plants around will instantly lift your spirits. It's also thought that houseplants cleanse Vastu's flaws. Trees are mentioned in Hindu scriptures in a manner comparable to how they are employed in devotional lessons and home décor. Not many plant species are even thought to bring good fortune. Plants can benefit the family's well-being, financial situation, and general prosperity.

Keep reading if you want to know more about such five welcoming plants to place at your Front Door:


Tulsi, called the Holy Basil, is very important in Hindu culture. It is worshipped and considered to be prosperous. Hindu Households are often seen to have Tulsi plants in the middle of their Verandahs or at entrances. It symbolises health, safety, and spiritual growth. Its leaves are not just aromatic but also known to purify the air and are used in many sacred practices. If placed at the entrance or at the windows of the house, it can easily repel negative energy. 


According to Feng Shui, Aglaonema, also known as the Chinese Evergreen, is a lucky plant and a fortune-bringer. It is said to improve the health and financial stability of the locals who grow it because of its long lifespan, ease of growth, and eye-catching look. Its ability to filter the air has been approved by NASA. It emits a high oxygen concentration and eliminates pollutants, formaldehyde, and benzene from indoor air. Aglaonema, a fresh indoor plant, needs minimal light and watering. 

Money Plant

The Money Plant is well-known for attracting wealth and prosperity into the house. It also brings good luck and good energy into the house. It is a low-maintenance plant that can thrive both indoors and outdoors. It can thrive in potted plants and water, making it even easier to care for. The green foliage and creeper-like nature give your house a rich and lush touch. 

Peace Lily 

The Peace Lily plant is a beautiful green plant that brings peace, luck, fresh starts and purifies the air. If this plant is placed at your front door, it is known to welcome a fresh aura, the energy of renewal and newness. It is as beautiful as its name and can help you calm down.

Areca Palm

Vastu and Feng Shui say having an areca palm in the house is good. It makes the family members prosperous. The plant is also aesthetically pleasing, low care, and simple to maintain. For the finest effects, the areca plant should be positioned in the east, southeast, south, or north of your house. To infuse your home with a tropical vibe and boost positive energy, consider keeping an Areca palm vastu.   

Bonus: Ashoka Plant

This plant is auspicious and is referred to a lot in Hindu scriptures. This plant absorbs grief, as its name implies. All of the evil energies disappear as a result. If you plant this tree around your home, you will be protected from sadness and hardship—the plant Ashoka aids in reducing mental tension. Furthermore, Vastu eliminates flaws. The Ashoka tree is considered a symbol of positive energy. Tie a Bandanwar with Ashoka leaves on your home's main door; this is considered auspicious. According to Vastu, the Ashoka tree is thought to enhance physical and mental life. 


Thus, as per Hindu scriptures or even Feng Shui, these are the top 5 plants you can place at your front doors or entrances to attract good into your life and help repel negative energies. You can easily find these plants at Urvann, giving your house a beautiful touch while allowing positivity into your life.

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