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5 Spring Flowers To Bring Home This Summer

Delhi is known for its beautiful views that change with every season, and spring is a time that brings more colours to the city. With a variety of flowers adorning areas around the city, you get to experience springtime in all its glory. When the breeze goes from chilly to cool, the visuals bring even more calm to the mind. You see this scenic beauty spread across Central Delhi, and can experience it in places like Lodhi Gardens, Sunder Nursery, Central Park, etc. 

Here are 10 easily recognisable flowers you might spot and if you keep reading, you will even be able to name them in front of your friends:


Bougainvillea is called the ‘gift of summer’. The humid and hot bubble of Delhi is considered to be the best-suited weather for these flowers. They appear as a scarlet (mostly) blanket around the streets making your eyes sparkle with the bright colors. The ground is covered in fallen bougainvillaea petals, which continue to fall gently, like snow. The bougainvillaeas weigh so heavily on the branches that you think they would collapse at any minute. While the flowers appear remarkable, their beauty is illusory. If you touch them, they feel as lifeless as paper. If you smell them, you won't smell anything. Bougainvilleas appear to be made up entirely of colour.

Madagascar Periwinkle

The Periwinkle is an evergreen subshrub or herbaceous plant with a lengthy history of cultivation. Many cultivars have been developed throughout the years, with the primary goal of integrating new colours or making the plant more cold-tolerant. 

This is one of the most commonly found flowering plants everyone must have seen around on roads or even in your backyards, reminding you of childhood, because this flower has been a part of us ever since the beginning of our lives. 


Ixora is a popular warm-weather garden shrub because of its adaptability and distinctive, vivid red foliage. It can be utilized as a hedge, in flower beds, or even grown into a small tree. Because of its resilience and unique beauty, Ixora also known as the ‘flame of the woods’ is a popular flowering plant. The genus name, Ixora, was obtained from a bad transliteration of the Hindu god Shiva's name.


The marigold is an herbaceous perennial plant distinguished by its dense, orange-yellow blooms with many petals. Pot marigold flowers have been used on tables for a long time. They are frequently used in salads or as decorations. The blooms can also be used to create a similar-coloured dye for foods, textiles, and cosmetics.

Crown of thorns

Euphorbia milii, often known as the crown of thorns or Christ thorn, is said to be the plant associated with Christ's crown of thorns. It needs to be over 10 ℃ with full sun. The beautiful plant has red flowers that bloom from between thorny stems.

Arabian Jasmine

Does it happen that sometimes you walk on the road and smell something so heavenly and familiar that you stop and look? You look at these small white buds that remind you of when your father would bring something for your mother, and she would quickly put it in her hair. 

Arabian jasmine holds great significance in many countries throughout the world. It is the national flower of the Philippines and Indonesia. In Sri Lanka, it is commonly used in ceremonial costumes and decorations. In China, it is an essential element in Jasmine tea, and it is also utilized in garlands and hair adornments in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India.

If you ever feel like your life lacks colour, take a drive or walk around Delhi and fill yourself up with this inherited glory. Happy Spring!

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